Pseudo-bachelordom Blues

With Angie away in Vancouver, I’ve been working hard and living on not much more than macaroni and cheese. But despite my energies being focused elsewhere, even I can only take so much bland pseudo-bachelordom. Thankfully, I remembered that not too long ago, Angie and I threw together some fresh tomato sauce-the perfect recipe to wake me from my mac and cheese coma. I followed the previous recipe, with two exceptions. First, I increased the ratio of butter to tomato (1/4lb to 1.5lb), as there wasn’t anyone here to stop me! Second, I simmered the sauce for a little more than an hour (as compared to 45min before). The result was a silky sweet sauce, balanced between bright tomato acidity and rich mellow creaminess. As accompaniment, I treated myself to a broiled breaded pork chop. There, I  followed my standard practice: wetting with a beat egg and breading with seasoned panko, but instead of my habitual pan frying, I broiled the chops. The breading browned gorgeously and the pork escaped tender and juicy. I think I’ve found my antidote to the pseudo-bachelor blues.

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