Bacon-wrapped trout

I’m somewhat compulsive when it comes to menu-planning…we have this great little pad for obsessive list-makers like myself (“What to Eat“), where I delight in being able to plan out our meals for the next several days. In theory, this is to allow for better grocery planning. But I think I just enjoy the imagining of our different meal scenarios. In any case, tonight I had planned to make a new recipe, but D came home with a surprise of fresh trout. My love for fresh fish quite supersedes any tyrannical menu-adherence I might have.

No recipe was followed this evening because for D, it is quite natural to quite simply wrap it in bacon.  He then fried chopped onions and garlic in lard before adding the trout to the pan. Sauteed the trout briefly on both sides before adding a bit of chicken stock and wine. He covered the pan and let simmer until almost done. He then uncovered it and set it under the broiler for a few minutes to try to crisp up the bacon. For the gravy, he reduced the liquid in the pan, added a bit of heavy cream and adjusted seasoning appropriately. Paired with some delightfully creamy mashed potatoes, it was supremely tasty. D commented that for next time, he’d like to see the flavour punched up a bit, perhaps through the addition of chili flakes and parsley.

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