Oeufs Dieppoise

Happy Easter! In line with our recent forays into breakfast foods, I thought some delicious hard-boiled eggs would be suitable for Easter. Poring through Je sais cuisinier (I know how to cook), I came across what looked to be a tasty recipe, “les oeufs dieppoise”. Perhaps what I love most about breakfast foods is that they’re quite straightforward to make. For the lazy chef in me, there is also a lack of excessive chopping and dicing and pan work. Here, we simply boiled eggs for 8 minutes or so, peeled off their shells and cut them in half. Scooped out the yolks and threw them into a bowl with some butter, parsley and whipping cream and mashed them up. The recipe also called for some diced cooked shrimp, and David happily obliged (throwing in some uncalled-for garlic, but it’s David). I scooped my yolk mixture back into their recently-vacated homes and sprinkled a little paprika on top. We then mixed together a bit of mayo and cream with the diced shrimp (David decided to do it in the pan, to have a warm sauce as opposed to cold). Drizzle on top and there you go! Delicieux!


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