Meet the foodies

Well, it’s safe to say that we are food lovers. Nothing over the top…we’re not eating foie gras and caribou most nights, but we do enjoy the satisfaction of a well-crafted, succulent meal. There is something so pleasurable about leafing through a cookbook and reading aloud potential recipes–usually inspiring a fair bit of stomach fervor in the hopes that it will be on the receiving end of these hypothetical delicious delights. D is becoming quite the culinary savant, a whirling dervish in the kitchen with lard in one hand and chopped garlic in the other. I’m quite content to be the ever-important recipe-reader and food-taster. I can also say we’re particularly fond of traveling and all the tasty new eats that comes with it. From the juicy sweet pineapples of Thailand to the rich, ground-up innards of sheep in Scotland, we happily traverse the globe and sample foreign fare.

Here we will log our culinary journeys, both in the kitchen and abroad, and hopefully demonstrate that everything is better wrapped in bacon.

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